Saturday 02 September 2017

Let’s get caught up shall we?

I have been posting on the public/project side, but have left the personal side to wither, but with a cool and rainy day outside and me buried downstairs in the data center; I thought what better time than now to start.

It is hard to believe that fall is already here. My projects list for both home and fun have been stagnant since vacation. I need to rattle my cage and get back in gear. This is Dayton again not God’s backyard anymore.

Now back to the task at hand.

Erin and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary! Including our time dating we have been together for 20 years! Thank you Beautiful Wife. We had a great lunch at a local spot. I almost got the famous Yummy burger but opted for the Pad Thai instead. It was great and a nice little place.

It was a good vacation and a well-need escape from Dayton. Ami and Opa have rented a camp up there for the past several years. It feels good to have the family together and share a week. Uncle Jonny makes it over from St. Paul, MN. Usually we have driven the full 14-hour haul in one day, but this year we took our time and made a few more stops to check out some rarely seen sites from up there. You can check out the gallery over here. My last un-wed cousin was wed on this trip. One of the reason for the later than usual pilgrimage up there. There was some rain while we were up there, but on the 2 days it did the rain passed by the afternoon and the kids were in the water. We did swim every day we were up there. Ruby found the fun of steaming up in the sauna and then running in the lake. There is no better feeling. Building sandcastles that could withstand the waves was a top of the list past time this year. There were some valiant efforts made.

The stars up there are a wonder. I was trying to think back how long I have been taking my yearly trip up to my homeland. I know it has been since at least 1994, but I can’t be sure. It has been many years. Each year I have found one night to stay out on the beach to admire what can be seen. To lay down in the sand (one has to dig oneself a comfy sand chair) staring at the stars; looking, wondering, and pondering. Not just the stars, but the satellites zooming overhead. I have stayed up long enough to see morning slowly pass across the sky. I found it odd being able to see the gray line between night and day. And when I get back here and look into the sky, I am sure to see one or two or three; enough I can figure out if it is a cloudy night or clear.

The basement is back on the list of things to finish up. My plan is to have it done by November. That will include the family room, pool table removed, ceiling sound deadened (that word just looks so wrong) and drywall up. Besides the pool table, the challenge will be the sea of Lego that covers my floor. Time to find some more bins in which to stuff them for a time being. The next house will almost require a room dedicated to the collection of Lego that is over flowing our house. I have no one to blame but myself as I wanted them to be interested and spark their imagination. I got that and a little more. LOL.




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