As I was rummaging around one night looking for heaven knows what, I stumbled upon an old cassette tape. The the younger crowd it is an old fashion way of having a portable playlist, of sorts. Anyhoot, before I get sidetracked, this is a tape of the Dayton, Ohio band Scorched Earth Policy from 1992. I don’t remember much about the band, save I was drawing maps with Jim Wilson at a local company long gone under. Jim was the bassist and graphics dude for the band. He was really good freehand drawing with just Illustrator and a mouse. 

I left in 1992 to head back to college and for work here. I don’t know what happened to Jim or the band. If I find any other information I’ll post it for fun. 

I do not own the copyright for this material, it is still owned by the band. Track them down if you want to use it. I am putting this up strictly for historical and archival purposes. 

If any band member stumbles upon this and wants the tape, stickers, and liner notes, let me know. The band members listed on this cassette are: Justice, Steve Lewis, C Wright, Todd Sonnanstine, J Wilson. 


Stickers included with each cassette
The liner notes

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