macOS – Privacy and Security

Privacy and security are topics that seem to pop up in everyday conversation these days. In my line of work I am very aware and sensitive to the need for both.  As such I try to take precautions and keep the services I use safe. Being the Mac fanboy that I am (using them since 1985), this site focuses on the macOS side of things. Many of the issues and sites run across all computing platforms. I am sure you can find something of interest for you and your platform of choice.

TOR – The Onion Router. This is a service which helps keep your internet connection anonymous. While not totally fool proof, it does add a layer of anonymity for browsing. It does this by passing your traffic through a series of virtual tunnels instead of a direct connection. I use the TOR browser, which includes the TOR tools needed for surfing and also have Tails, an anonymous OS focused on anonymity and security. Once you are done, the OS doesn’t leave a trail behind for a party to scrap up.

Protonmail – encrypted email across the pond in Switzerland. I do have a work e-mail account, and gmail account for random things, but have been moving towards proton for all my email needs. Their security is top shelf for account security and encryption. And even if the other party doesn’t have an encrypted email option, you can still send them one. A very nice service.

dnsCrypt – encrypted DNS

openDNS – an open DNS service that goes well with dnsCrypt.

BitCoin – a new world of currency and anonymous transactions. We don’t need no stinking’ Fed.