As with any library, below is my slowly growing list of place and items. Some of them are stored locally while others are links to sites beyond. All copyrights are owned by the respective authors.

Mr. Petey Approved Vendor List

List is my list of preferred vendors. This means I have done business with them more than once and have had great service from them. – An electronics vendor with a great selection, quick shipping, and helpful staff. They are a sponsor for my BAM project seen in these pages and on and

PCBway – A great source of PCB boards. They are high quality boards, a price one can’t beat, and quick shipping. Click on my referral link above to start your next PCB project. – For my prototypes I will use the cheap stuff from the slow boat, but when it comes to my final product, I get my parts from Digikey.

These are items I have either put up for people to see or links that have proved useful in projects. I find them useful references I use from time to time.

From the Mr. Petey Collection

Apple has put out some interesting marketing materials and items over the years. This PDF is to one of those items, a catalog if you will of the Apple computer items for sale the summer of 1989. Take a peak at Everything Macintosh.


How many people out there owned an Apple Newton? I had a collection of them. And yes, I actually used them. I will admit the 2100 was really the only useful one. I had the 100, 110, and then the 2100. Here is a brochure from the the launch. What can the Newton do for you?


My NeXT cube still fires up but isn’t used anymore. It is one of the few older computers I just can’t part with yet. Here is some of their marketing material. 

Scorched Earth Policy grunge band from Dayton Oh circa 1992. Music, sticker, and liner notes for your entertainment.


I recently headed back to school and picked up a calculator for the journey the TI 30x IIs. From my reading it is THE calculator to be using these days.  While there was an included card, it was kind of tough to find decent documentation for it. I found a great mastering guide from a school in Australia and an expanded TI guide

Electronics References

Arduino Uno Pinout – a great reference and big enough to see easy.

ATTiny85 – a fun little chip to play around with.

CH330N Data sheet -This is a local copy / Google translate version of the data sheet. I am going to use this in my dev board project for USB.

ELM401 Datasheet – 8-pin PDIP specifically for rotary encoders.

L293D Data sheet – used in the original BAM project

micro:bit SBC pinout diagram from

UL2003 Stepper Motor controller – common and quite useful stepper motors

Schmitt Trigger – explanation and examples

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