I was fortunate in that I have a sponsor, digitspace.com, for some of the hardware. As such, I have changed up the project a little bit and will be using a Microbit and Python. I have been learning Python at work, so why not put it to some use for fun as well.

So check back here. I am working on prints for the machined parts while waiting for the new hardware provided by digitspace.com. As soon as it arrives more updates will be coming.

Check bottom of page for new updates for now. Working on reverse ordering this page.

The Big Art Machine is getting a second breath. After finishing up class and having a week break before summer starts, I have collected my notes and started to update for the new version. I have some custom parts lined up to be machined, a nice chunk of cherry to use for the base. IF I EVER get the 3d printer I ordered, sorry sponsored almost 3 years ago, was supposed to ship before life was interrupted. I am not really sure where it stands now. Another story.

My goal of this project is to create an automated drawing machine, of sorts. The first version was more of a proof of concept for myself, but then other items of life got in the way and it was shelved for a bit. I have evaluated what works, needs changed and what I would like to upgrade for a more polished looking project. While being frugal and using what I can from inventory, if needed for continuity or additional hardware resources, ordering will be done.


  • Drawing platform – stationary or moving. Moving includes various speeds.
  • Stepper motors for both arms. Matching motors and boards
  • Base – made with salvaged cherry
  • Arms and mounting discs for the SMs – machined, a bottle of Crown.
  • Custom box for 3 rotary knobs for controls, micro-controller, stepper boards, and display
  • Code revisit and revision


I have included some of my notes from the new version as well as from the prototype.

I am starting to put together a timeline for the project. Not filled in yet, but I am going to see how summer class plays out right now.

There is a PCB board in progress for the power supply. The idea of adding headers for the stepper motor controllers. Document the pins required. That documentation is added to comments in the code.

And here are some of the notes that got this project started last year.

The hardware is in and the breadboard is set up. Rotary Encoder, Bourn, digikey – on order. ELM401 on order – board sent to PCBway. 1-2 weeks.

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