MacPi Plus Project

This is the story of a project that has been in the works for a little while and is finally coming together. The story of another Raspberry Pi going into an old computer case. I like to think of it … the rest of the story. . . “MacPi Plus Project”

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OSMC part 2

During my downtime I have been reading up on the OSMC (Open Source Media Center) package for my media center project. It seems to be a nice, well put together, distro that does/is what its’ name says. I checked out … the rest of the story. . . “OSMC part 2”

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Side Project – MacPi Plus

Raspberry Pi Model 3 into a Mac Plus case 

My Raspberry Pi has been sitting on my bench in a little plastic box. It seems so naked and bare; it needed something to spice things up. And I needed another … the rest of the story. . . “Side Project – MacPi Plus”

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