A big ellipsoid with a rectangle chaser in my backyard

It is that time of year to get the pool back in shape for the upcoming summer. This year involves some scrapping and painting. I don’t mind too much the weather has been good for starting to scrape.

In the … the rest of the story. . . “A big ellipsoid with a rectangle chaser in my backyard”

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MacPi Plus Project

This is the story of a project that has been in the works for a little while and is finally coming together. The story of another Raspberry Pi going into an old computer case. I like to think of it … the rest of the story. . . “MacPi Plus Project”

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Fluke 87 rip and replace

It finally happened. My trusty, hand me down, Fluke 87 gave up the ghost. 



Busted one is on the left, donor is on the right.  

A friend of mine who is a real electrical hardware engineer gave me his when … the rest of the story. . . “Fluke 87 rip and replace”

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OSMC part 2

During my downtime I have been reading up on the OSMC (Open Source Media Center) package for my media center project. It seems to be a nice, well put together, distro that does/is what its’ name says. I checked out … the rest of the story. . . “OSMC part 2”

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Spare parts Pipe Lamp

Recently I had to replace the hot water heater in our house. Thankfully it was a slow leak from the bottom so major catastrophe. While I was working on it I kept looking around at the pile of parts I … the rest of the story. . . “Spare parts Pipe Lamp”

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Side Project – MacPi Plus

Raspberry Pi Model 3 into a Mac Plus case 

My Raspberry Pi has been sitting on my bench in a little plastic box. It seems so naked and bare; it needed something to spice things up. And I needed another … the rest of the story. . . “Side Project – MacPi Plus”

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Flying Weather bits – the ESP-01 and sensors

The last few years I have been helping support an enterprise wireless network of 2,000+ access points. It is an interesting, challenging, nightmarish world wireless/RF is. When I started my Arduino adventure it was nice to be grounded in what … the rest of the story. . . “Flying Weather bits – the ESP-01 and sensors”

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