MarsEdit “Hello World”


I recently downloaded MarsEdit so that I can edit this blog off-line. I think I have things setup correctly, so here is the “Hello World” for MarsEdit. 

I think it only right if I test out if the text will make it across the ether, I should make sure it will upload some media as well. So lets toss up a picture. 

The Bench

Here is my bench. I cleaned it up a bit before snapping the picture. 


Well, off to hit the Publish button. 


A quick post. While I am working on a new post from a project, I have spent the past couple of days doing some administrative work on the site. While I have had it up and running for a spell, it needed some of that tender, loving care to get pages, post, and the such in an order I am getting to like.

In recent hacker news, some inmates REALLY wanted some internet access. So they took it upon themselves to make sure they could get not just the internet, but local prison systems as well. You can read about it here.