LM386 Audio Amp

Since entering the wonderful world of electronics, I have had an itch to make an audio amp. Probably one reason is that I am sans a real audio system right now and I am digging the hardware aspect of the hacking more than the software. I started reading and wow there is a lot out […]


Recently I have had a nagging thought about where a file was. It is a screenshot I took of our Cisco Modem/ISDN banks, AS5300’s, showing their uptime. I have to say they were pretty impressive for the day and as the screenshot shows, this one had nary a problem for quite a stretch. They served […]

Omega2 Finally Arrived!!!

After many months of waiting and more than a few weeks of forgetting I had help Kickstart it, a box was on my front porch Monday about lunch time. I had the grand unboxing of it. I am here to share my first bit of time spent with it.   Now that was over a […]

Spare parts Pipe Lamp

Recently I had to replace the hot water heater in our house. Thankfully it was a slow leak from the bottom so major catastrophe. While I was working on it I kept looking around at the pile of parts I have collected from various plumbing projects. Hey why not one of those pipe lamps one […]

Hackster.io / circuito.io April Fool’s Contest

Hackster.io and circuito.io are putting on an April fool’s prank contest. Check it out! All I can say for now is that I have signed up for it, sneaky fun is being planned and needless to say an Arduino is involved and other bits and parts from my bins. Watch for project details . . . 

Side Project – MacPi Plus

Raspberry Pi Model 3 into a Mac Plus case  My Raspberry Pi has been sitting on my bench in a little plastic box. It seems so naked and bare; it needed something to spice things up. And I needed another project on my list, like I am not sure what, but it has ended up […]