Omega2 Finally Arrived!!!

After many months of waiting and more than a few weeks of forgetting I had help Kickstart it, a box was on my front porch Monday about lunch time. I had the grand unboxing of it. I am here to share my first bit of time spent with it.   Now that was over a […]

From breadboard to here ya’ go. . .

Early on in my adventures in the Arduino / micro controller world one of my goals has been to usher an idea from paper, to breadboard, to protoboard, to real PCB board. After a long night of soldering, I decided to take a break and start to post my adventure. I learned early start simple […]

First night out.

So, I am picking up the story a little in the middle, but hopefully you will pick up quickly. To get up to speed I would suggest you check out where this all started, over at my project page.¬†You can also find a weather sensor kit I have put together based on this project […]

The WeatherProject

A simple project has run into that infamous scope-creep but in a good way. To that end, I decided to take the little bits and pieces I have scattered on the web and condenses them into one place, a domain I have had sitting around just looking for a purpose and these does seem to […]