Mr. Petey is off on a tangent this week. I saw a shiny penny and now I am off to the races. It started with the tulips out front. They are slowly going their way and I have been wanting to play around with a couple of things. I started taking pictures with a general purpose in mind, but I wasn’t sure where my journey is taking me. I am still working this out,  but I am getting closer. 

My goal is produce a print from a photograph, of nature, and not pose, re-touch, or fiddle with it; to produce a print that looks as if it were a painting just from cropping the photograph. 

(silly me needs to add a photograph of the original – doh!)

Tulip NaturesBrush002

Above is one of my product of my first attempt. I didn’t get the effect I wanted, but I think I have a nice shot that will make a nice print. 

After another night of playing around I have come up with a couple, three more that I like. Here is one of them.  


TulipBrush 001

This is the one I am sending off for a test print. If I like what I see, I am going to make a larger print and have it framed up for the living room. 

TulipBrush 002

And this one turned out the best. I have the depth of field off on my iPhone (that is what I took all of the pictures with). I know I won’t be able to blow it up too large, but the grain (pixels) might throw it off more than add to it. Time will tell. 

When I was taking a break from the photos, I did my usually wandering hither and yon on the web. I came across a link somewhere about generative and binary art. Hey, that got my interest. I wound up on a site for p5.js. It is a Javascript library and I get the feeling from my reading it is Processing lite. For me p5 is easier to get into then Processing was. Once I started to read more, I am really interested. One of the sites I found with examples is


Screen Shot 2019 05 02 at 5 43 53 PM

Some are quite complex and others, while appear simple can have some pretty cool results. There is one I want to try and recreate that I saw out there in the ether. I guess it is time to RTFM and see if I can get there. Check back for the results. 

From there I also went back and checked out some of the historical references that I found listed. It is one of the areas, where I have seen and admired the work, but hadn’t really delved into it too deep. I fear this my be yet another project to add to my list of fun. I really need to retire and get from free time to catch up on everything. BaHaHaHahaha, aaaaaa, yeah. 

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