I have a new project, my latest shinny penny if you will. I only wish I had a real penny for each of these and then I could retire and get about half of the done. Last night as I was puttering around looking for one of my Raspberry Pi Zero W’s (as a bare board they can get easily lost in my organized chaos) I found a face of a clock. I have been shuffling this thing around for a spell and it had been lost. 

Totally forgetting about the PiZW I pulled it out and set it down on my drawing table and just stared at it for a minute or two. We need a clock for upstairs as the old one broke. I have a real of WS2818s not doing anything, a spare ESP8266 ESP-01 from my drawer, Shazaam, a project is born. 


As luck wold have it the holes for the hours and minutes are perfect size for 1 LED in the minutes and 2 LEDs in the hours. I  will have to create a PCB to hold the power and ESP. 

This caught my eye toward the end of the night, so there will be more details to follow. And I did finally find the RPi, but not until this morning. 😉

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