It is that time of year to get the pool back in shape for the upcoming summer. This year involves some scrapping and painting. I don’t mind too much the weather has been good for starting to scrape.

In the meantime I need to find out how much paint in need to buy. I took some measurements and whipped up a quick picture. 

Pool doddle

For a kid who really didn’t get into math at all, I sure wish I had, I have a fascination with it now in life. It can be very eloquent in figuring out and explaining things.  So I started out thinking I would just split a sphere in half, but that came out to some crazy, big number. There must be a better way, a squished sphere otherwise know as an ellipsoid. Now if I like math I really (!) like geometry. 


The Knud Thomsen formula will give me the approximate surface area for the bowl end of my pool. For the other end I am just going to tack on a rectangle. I tried to figure out how to get my math in web shape, but oy vey, so I showed my work here: 

IMG 4263

It came out to a total of approx 1,324 sq ft. 

The epoxy paint in general will cover about 125-150 sq ft, so I am going to head for 130 sq ft per gallon as to leave myself a little extra in the end if needed. It seems there is always someplace to touch up at the end. 

1,324 / 130 = 10.2 gallons at $100 bucks a gallon, OK boys it is time to figure out which brand to buy. They are  require about the same prep. One requires a primer so I need to investigate that a bit more and see what I find out. For now, scrape, acid wash, and order paint!!


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