This is the story of a project that has been in the works for a little while and is finally coming together. The story of another Raspberry Pi going into an old computer case. I like to think of it as a use of old parts to give an other boring looking computer a bit of life and pizzaz. All of the parts have finally arrived from hither and yon and the software has been collected, installed, and working. 

Mac Pi Build 001

Working on setting up the software. Various pieces and parts can be seen. 

This post is going to be a starting place for me, so check back for updates on progress and information. 

It all began when I went in search of a case for my Raspberry Pi. I didn’t really like those small, 3D printed, stick it in your pocket type of cases. I did end up ordering a NeXT style cube case. Which is nice and a little bigger then the aforementioned cases, it still lacks something. It really needs to have a scaled size monitor to go next to it; but that is another post in the adventures of math, geometry, and learning 3D CAD; and a project that is sidelined for now. Where was I, oh yes. I kept on looking and one day when I was looking for something totally unrelated I came across my old Mac Plus case. Shazaam. 

Well, if it was going to be done I was/am going to do it right. I made a list of what I really wanted to have and what I can squeeze in without breaking the bank. 

• Raspberry Pi Model 3 B 

• Keyboard – Use original keyboard, convert to USB

• External USB ports

• Monitor to fit in space

• Audio – Internal and 3.5mm port for external

• SD card port extender – mount in floppy port

• Power switch – power off/reset minimum, off/on/reset Yeah

• Angled cables and adapters for USB and HDMI ports

I am going to go through the various parts I have and how they are going to be used. For now they are now written about in the order specified above; just in case you were expecting it to follow that order. They will be placed in order over time. 



At first I was looking at connecting using a spare Zero Audio DAC board as it has 2 spots for external speakers. I like the sound of the Apple speakers on the iMacs and found 2 for a reasonable price. I am glad I held off as when I went to the Audio Zero site to check on the pinouts of the DAC board I saw this new board they had. The same DAC with speakers already mounted. Bam! 

DAC Speaker

They sound pretty good for the size of them and should work out well. I am going to mount them inside and above the grill found on the face panel. 

IMG 4237

Mac OS 6 and 9

I am using two different emulators. To have the feel of the old school, yet that retro new look and feel of 9. 

RPi SS OS9 dsktop

Mac OS9 running under Sheepshaver on Raspbian


Switch Prototype

This is a switch design I found over at It is based on an ATTiny85, which I always have on hand. It seems to work as advertised. I have started working on a PCB for it as it shouldn’t take too long. 


RPi Switch



The first screen I picked up didn’t work too well. It was a knock-off of the Wavesahre. A straight forward setup turned into a day long troubleshooting effort that came up bust. I sucked it up and picked up a real WaveShare and things went just fine. It is a picture of it up and running, but here is where it will be mounted. I haven’t nailed exactly how I will mount it yet. I am still working on that bit. 

IMG 4240

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