It finally happened. My trusty, hand me down, Fluke 87 gave up the ghost. 



Busted one is on the left, donor is on the right.  

A friend of mine who is a real electrical hardware engineer gave me his when the ohms side of the meter stopped working. Volts was working just fine. Which was fine for me because at the time I was just getting into electronics. And he save me a lot of money for a nice meter. 

All good things come to an end. A couple of months ago it started acting flakey and giving me odd readings. I replaced the battery and checked the fuses. It worked a little bit and then the screen started to fade in and out. I check the battery and it was good. Well, shucks. 

I started the online looking. Yikes, new was out of the question. While I don’t have a problem paying good money for a good tool, this was little out of my league. Nice used ones on eBay were pushing my budget. Then I remembered / noticed something about the Flukes. Their inside come out of the case quite nicely. It is a neat little package. The buttons and dial stay on the front of the case. 

I went on a hunt for a used one. I found one that I thought was a nice find for $70. The case had dings and scratches and some paint or markings on it. There wasn’t a case and no leads. I don’t need a case as I already have one as well as the leads. My case is in good shape, just the guts are shot. 

After a quick surgery I have my Fluke 87 back in action again and for me with an upgrade. I am finally at the point where the other functions will come in quite handy.

IMG 4191

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