While I am not sure exactly what happened, after 11 hours of working to get things upright again, I have to admit a small defeat. All of the posts from 2018 seemed to have disappeared. NNNNOOOOOoooooo. I thought I had things backed up better then I did, but lessons learned.

I am getting a better WordPress backup plan in plan. While the files are there, it seems (no seems it is) an old copy of the database and as such some things got left behind. I was able to get a few post uploaded from MarsEdit. Which is point 2 is changing my workflow and working, for editing and posting purposes, just MarsEdit. This allows me to have a second source is everything else goes to pot, I still have my content and media. 

I had to do some digging to track down where MarsEdit stores its’ files. Searches didn’t really turn up much and the one site that had a location was out of date. I finally found them in two spots. 

~/Library/Group Containers/<string>.com.red-sweater – this folder/directory keeps all of the data files here. They are in .xml format. 


Being the paranoid type and knowing I don’t want to miss anything, I will zip these up every now and again and store them offsite somewhere. 


I am going to chill out this evening and catch up for the excitement here. I have posts that were meant to be put up in the time I have spent fixing stuff, but oh well, cost of doing business some days. I will be back soon. 

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