About a week ago an idea stuck in my head of what to do with some of the spare Jimmy wood I had laying around. Jimmy is a brother of mine who works at a manufacturing shop here in town. The wood he gets comes from the tops of the crates which they receive their parts. They are pretty nice (really nice considering they are free) and I had used most of the them to panel the walls in the basement, but I become distracted. 

Since I had some left over and always looking for new spaces to put books, I figured why not a bookcase! Alright, game on. I stewed over the idea that night. Goal one, a bookshelf, goal two, use the wood on hand, goal three keep it simple and sturdy. Simple is important as my table saw is down for the count. I still have the circular which served me well. After that I admit to working on the fly. 

IMG 9142

I made the size simple, the length of the longer boards I have for the outside frame, and the shelves. I cut shorter sections of boards to go in between the shelves. I wanted to add some strength and give it a look of bulk and sturdiness. 

IMG 9143

IMG 9144

It took most of the morning to finish. I still need to sand off some of the marks and peal a sticker I have missed, but not bad looking. And best of all, ready to display a little more of our library. 

IMG 9146

IMG 9150

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