So, I am picking up the story a little in the middle, but hopefully you will pick up quickly.

To get up to speed I would suggest you check out where this all started, over at my project pageYou can also find a weather sensor kit I have put together based on this project over at my store.

A good starting place is here. Yesterday I pulled out a SD card reader I had for my Arduino collection. It was really one of the easier parts of this build. I removed all of the wires from the Uno, mounted up the SD card shield (it is labeled that is uses Pin4, note made), stuck in a card, and fired up an example sketch with the SD.h library. Here is a link to a good SD reference. I am not doing anything fancy, I just want some simple data logging for right now. And boy did this hit the spot.

I did one last test indoors before I set out for the FREEZING night tonight. It is  a good night to stress test the gear. The data sheets say the pieces and parts are good the range. The enclosure is what it is as I only need it for testing right now. I am in the processing of reclaiming the shell of an old access point to use as one.

The next morning, today, I went out and it was still running! Now, did it bother to record anything.

And I am happy to report, why yes it did. I had it taking readings once a minute and now have something to start to shift through and see how I want to use it. Not to mention work on finishing the enclosure for it.


I hope you come back and keep up. I have more ideas and branches for this project.

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