Over the years I have been a fan of the alternative OS; NeXTstep, SunOS, vms, and of course my daily driver MacOS 1-9, Mac OS X, Mac os. The past few revisions it is clear Apple has lost its way and is only concerned with adding to their stockpile of cash. Their OSes get buggier with each new feature and old(er) bugs take forever to get fixed if at all. 

Now I have been looking at Haiku. It is the continuation of BeOS from way back when. It is an OS that has been a long time coming. If I remember right it has been in development for about 20 years.  Another OS that came from an Apple alum. 

I am running it on a box that once was my FreeNAS/TrueNAS project. It is now being repurposed to try out Haiku OS and see how it does. So far it is going pretty good for a beta. It is a Supermicro X9 board with Xeon E3-12871 v3 3.6GHz, 24GB RAM, running on a 120GB 6G SATA SSD. 

Install was quick and easy. I reformatted the drive as BeFS and using their boot manager as well. I have installed a couple of packages to start trying it out to see how it runs as a test-daily-driver. 

I am trying to get the wireless working, but so far no luck. There is a script that needs run to download and install the drivers. I have an Asus N-10 USB WiFi dongle. I need to lookup the chipset as to up to now it is not recognized. 

I have started using it for some web, mail, and editing. As I find time I will be adding new apps and seeing what else can be done. While I don’t think it will be a daily driver anytime soon, I do look forward to that day. 


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