One will notice a BSD theme that runs through my computing bubble, world. In the past I have messed around with FreeNAS, more for testing, naw more for playing around. It is a good way a way to learn a system as the next. 

Here recently we needed a better storage solution. The 1GB external drives gave way to the 2 and now the 4Gigers are getting tight. So now was a good a time as any to put all of the previous playing to good use. I pulled out my NAScube and put something together. I know the motherboard needs replaced and it could use a couple of extra drives. 

After a burn in period for the motherboard and drives, my TrueNAS system is back up and running in an official, production capacity. A new motherboard was sourced as the original Supermicro X9 was shutting down at random times. A good cause for the shutdowns was never found and since it will be used for photo management and backups a stable motherboard is a must. I found a Supermicro X10SLL-F at a perfect price. 24GB of ECC RAM is installed on it. It is installed in the Fractal case along with 6x 3GB drives running RAIDZ2 with approximately 10TB of usable space. The drives are connected through a LSI SAS/SATA card. Accessed through 1Gb ethernet, the wired way. 

For the time being it has a 3 shares on it. With a central server it will also be used for hosting our videos and music collections. There are a couple Raspberry Pi media players around the house and to date it has been a hodge-podge of hosting solution to say the least. Right now it just is a resting place for the photos as I am researching candidates for photo management to run on the system. The NAS itself doesn’t  use a lot of resources so why not put some of them to good use.  

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