After a long, busy week Friday was welcomed. When I got home the kids let me know I had a package, from overseas. Huh, I haven’t ordered anything lately. It was pizza night so the package was forgotten for a spell. Finally I got to the package, opened the box, and there was aboard; the StackyPi, whaaaat? The brain was searching and my fingers searching from startpage. OOOOoooooh. Kickstarter, the dev board with the Raspberry 2040 chip. A little fun to try and squeeze in this weekend. After a quick refresher as to why I backed the board it needs a test run. I’ll let you know how it goes. 

And there is one more staring at me that I almost forgot about. Another Kickstarter that came through a few weeks ago. Too much going on, but trying to find time to work with all of them. The ArduCam 16mp autofocus. I am jazzed over this one, I am going to have to set it up on the Model 4. All the others are in some form of use.

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