Oh, there is much to tell, but here is the teaser. I have a Platt Book of Keweenaw county that has been handed down in my family. It from G.F. Sanford Company circa 1880. Some of the names are different that what is known in “modern times”. The book was found in the mid-1940’s. There are multiple counties in the book, but so far the only one gently scanned is Keweenaw County. 

Keweenaw County Platt Map circa 1880

The maps are not retouched or scaled. They were kept at full size and stitched together as best can be. They were hand-drawn before 1900 and not really meant to be put together for a full-sized map. The current file is over 180MB and 60″ x 42″. I am search of a place where I can get at least one copy printed to see how it looks as is. I have plans to publish a limited run; working on the list of things I want done in order to get there. I now have a couple of large format printing projects.

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