I am a lover of history. And when I can stumble upon a piece of not lost, but misplaced history, is a great feeling. This discovery came from a flea market find; an old album. This album is from a sailor of the S.S. Castledore, a cargo ship. From the album is crossed the seas more than once during World War II and met quite a few different people. The first two scans are from the 2 pages in the autograph album that are of the Crew of the SS Castledore during 1947. It doesn’t say where their voyage will take them to, but there are people from Poland, Scotland, British, and a solider or two from back home. 

There is little information about the ship, what I did find was over at Wrecksite. In some small way it is a little bit of history persevered. Even if you don’t know anyone from the ship, I hope you enjoy looking through this historical find. 

S.S. Castledore Gallery

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