This is a project that has been off and on the past few years, mostly off. My first attempt a few years ago was a Sony PSP with a RPi Zero W and custom motherboard. That didn’t go so well. Tech changes and skills improve. So it is time to make a portable RetroPi gamepad. I have an old WiiU Gamepad picked up off of eBay and carefully stripped down. All the parts and screws are nicely labeled and tidy. I am still a couple of production parts shy of what I need, but I do have the core setup. I have some spare parts I can shoehorn in until the production parts come in.

Core parts for testing and fit

In the past I have seen people who have stripped off the physical ports such as USB, HDMI, etc.. I don’t have the equipment to do it in a proper way. A way where I might still have a working card left and the Zeros just seem under powered for some of the emulators. Well, enter the Raspberry Pi Compute module and the complete lack of any inventory.

While true through I guess you would call normal channels, all of the Raspberry Pi products are out of stock. And who know when. Well, I am not always so good at waiting and wanted to get moving on this project. I paid way too much for it, but I was able to find one on Alibaba. It is the Compute Module 4, 2GB, WiFi, Lite. And with the fairly skinny CM Stick from GeekWorm, I think I can get it to fit.

My long term goal is to have a custom board made instead of various modules put together; that is for another project and post.

Some of the labeling seems, different, lets say.

Follow this project as it comes together, quite literally.

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