I have been, like others, getting ready to tunnel out from Apple’s Walled Garden; but this is the subject of an upcoming post. I will stick to the issue at hand.

It has always been a challenge to get FreeBSD/GhostBSD to change screen resolutions while running in VirtualBox. I have a newer, used MacBook Pro I wanted to start to make the transition and what better way than running GhostBSD in a VM.

I followed the directions provide by the GhostBSD wiki for installing VirtualBox guest additions. I checked in the GhostBSD pkg repository for the latest version. Still I was not able to increase the resolution beyond 1024×768. Pretty limiting in size.

After a few hours of searching I found a post where there is an error in one of the scripts. Even after the correction is made, still no dice. There was one person who installed xf86-video-vmware via pkg, rebooted, and shazam, I now my resolutions of choice.

I hope this helps one more person decided to give GhostBSD / FreeBSD a try.

But the search goes on, this was but a sideshow on a longer journey.

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