Work is being done on both the hardware and software. Personally I like the hardware aspects more, but the software is a necessity as well. For this post I am focusing on power for the project.

ProtoRig – power for all.

USB power is kind of out for power. First I need a little more juice for the servos, and would like to power the Micro Bit from the same source. I started a power supply using protoboard and then in my digging I found one of my projects from last year. It was a wireless controller for LEDs. It was designed for both 3.3 and 5 volt power.

On the board there is also a level shifter for the data signals between the Micro Bit and the servos.

So, while working on this there are ideas running through my mind of what to change on the board for BAM. I will need (? want) a custom board for the project.

The software is in progress and next time I will have an update for it. My plan is to make a couple of tutorials. Like many things in technology I have found multiple ways to manipulate the controls for the servos.

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