I have been working on and then sitting on the latest design for my WS2818 LED controller board. It is designed to work with the NodeMCU variety of ESP-2866. When I was getting ready to send off the snowman, I decided to 3x check my design changes and send it off to PCBway.com be made as well.

They turned out great per usual.

* Not sure why snowman insists on being in the picture.

Now I am in a pickle. I have the boards, but no headers. I will have to see what I can dream up to test them. With the original design I was able to seat the chip in the holes. They were tight enough to make a decent connection until I got the headers soldered in.

I am working on version 3. An upgrade to the ESP32 and terminals for up to 3 strings of lights.

* I will have to edit the photos in Photos and upload it again. I cropped it in WordPress to only show the boards, but somehow the whole picture keeps on showing up.

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