The past couple of nights I have been working towards having the BAM, a pintograph, up and drawing. Last night was the night; mostly.

I did run into one issue. The motor was not responding to control via the L293D, all it did was whine. It fires up just fine having straight 5v applied to it. I have that part with me tonight to troubleshoot. I wasn’t going to let me stop me.

I took part of a sheet of foam board and hot glued it to the base. I still tested it out and had the first drawing going. Along that trip I found a couple of items that need cleaned up and noted for the next version. The Lexan bars aren’t the most stable and they are snagging on the posts of the stepper motors. The arms come too far back, or the paper isn’t placed high enough and the pen catches on the front of the stepper motor mounting board. I need to increase the size of the drawing area. That is on top of the list for tonight.

Once this one is finished up, I am going to get together a list of the parts need to make a nice polished piece. I will have to bother my buddy at a machine shop to cut a couple of parts for me.

As I smooth out the couple of bug a boos, I will keep the rolling updates going.

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