wrightMac is look into my world of projects. I am amazed when people tell me they don’t know what to do when they retire. I am looking forward to it as so I can catch up on a couple, few of the projects I have planned. And there is so much to be curious about.

Here you will find posts of projects I am working on, completed, abandon, hints for Mac OS, and maybe a soapbox rant or two.

I have always loved drawing, photography, and wood working. Recently have found and started exploring the world of electronics, micro controllers, and programming. Having been in the computer field all of my working life (well, most of it anyhow), I have never really explored those little, black chips that work their magic to make life “simpler”.

joyous exploration” is define as “the recognition and desire to seek out new knowledge and information, and the subsequent joy of learning and growing.” – Todd B. Kashdan Pro of Psych George Mason Un. I found this in the book The Art of Noticing, Rob Walker. I find it quite fitting and something lacking overall in this day and age.

I don’t do social media, sorry (not really). You can find me at hackster.io, and GitHub.com.

All of my works both on this site and elsewhere are copyrighted by me Peter Hein. If you want permission to use them, please contact me. 

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