About wM::S

wrightMac has been around for sometime, but here is the first serious use of my domain (starting 2016). It is here to showcase some of my projects, hints for Mac OS X, and someplace to let family and friends keep up on what I am up to. I loathe Facebook and how it conducts business. I have an account, but good luck getting ahold of me there.

I have always loved wood working and recently have found and started exploring the world of electronics and micro controllers¬†. Having been in the computer field all of my working life (well, most of it anyhow), I have never really explored those little, black chips that work their magic to make life “simpler”. I am working on developing all my skills and seeing how the can interact and play with one another.

I have a sister-site of sorts, https://tinfoilmac.net. It is a site where I am keeping my security, privacy, crypto information at. It is much more of a work in progress (sitting idle costing me money that could be spent on a 3D printer) than wrightmac, but check it out please.

You can email me at: