Up to my ?#@$ in projects

I have been pursuing a couple of different projects at the same time. Not a wise way to run things, but hey it works for me. One of the projects I need to work on is updating the site with all the new stuff going on, I thought I would take a minute tonight and at least post a teaser page and fill in the details as more time is freed up.

My main pursuit has been my quest for my ApplePi. This is one of those projects that kicks around in one’s mellon for a spell. I have pulled some parts I have from my bins and put them in the case I am going to use; but a couple of weeks ago I pull out the Pi 3 B I am going to use and started to work on getting the Mac emulation working.


Once I started with that I was off to the races. It is slowly coming together. Some of the parts I had don’t work and replacements are on order. And then there were a couple of ideas that I couldn’t turn down and have cost a little more than anticipated. Audio with speakers, ethernet extender for Mac OS networking cross my fingers, and a Mac keyboard to USB adaptor for the real Mac experience, or as close as one will get with this exercise.

ApplePi Test Rig both the working and barely working screens shown.

I was going to try and save a little money to get an ARM motherboard and do a little work/testing/reviewing with it, but that is going to have to be for another time down the road, this project took the budget!

Of course in the course of working on the ApplePi I was in the need of some more light for the lab. This was pretty easy as when I order the 50W LED panel for the work light upgrade, I tacked on a roll of 5050 LEDs. I wasn’t really sure what I was going to use them for at the time. Silly ideas but nothing concrete.

Wiring is silly easy, but what to mount them on? They do get a bit warm. It took a day of stewing over what to use and rummaging through my bins. Then I came upon it, an old door jam. Aluminum, nice heat sink, about the right length, and a nice bend on one side. Bingo!

Let there be light.

I am still working on a better mounting solution, but for now, it is serving its’ purpose.

I also have the Cactus the Bearded Lizard Environmental Monitor that I need to finish up. I have the prototype all done, but I have to take some pictures and finish up the final mounting box.

Say “Hi” to Cactus.

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