Lessons learned

While I am not sure exactly what happened, after 11 hours of working to get things upright again, I have to admit a small defeat. All of the posts from 2018 seemed to have disappeared. NNNNOOOOOoooooo. I thought I had things backed up better then I did, but lessons learned. I am getting a better […]

A.D.D. has kicked in

I have been busy with 4 different projects, one done and the rest coming along. I seem to bounce back and forth as I ponder over some design flaws and possible solutions. Which usually leads to a “hey let’s do this too” moment, I like to call it my Shiny Penny Syndrome. It works for […]

Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker Project We need a bluetooth speaker for the outside by the pool and I have also wanted one to use inside the house as well. This one is 90% complete. I still need to find what I am going to use for front and back grills. I may settle for some black material […]